Professors and Lecturers

Paul Smith

Associate Professor (Interim STAT Program Director)

  (301) 405-9812
  MATH 4404

Research Interests: Categorical Data Analysis, Robust & Nonparametric Statistical Methods, Applications of Statistics

Eric Slud


  (301) 405-5469
  MATH 2314

Research Interests:
Inference for Sample Surveys, Semiparametrics, and Survival Analysis

Vince Lyzinski


  (301) 405-5047
  MATH 4310

Research Interests:
Random graph inference, statistical machine learning, graph matching algorithms, Markov chains, probability, combinatorics

Joan Jian-Jian Ren


  (301) 405-5473
  MATH 2305

Research Interests:
Statistical Models and Inferences, Survival Analysis Applications in Biomedical Research, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Likelihood Methods.

Takumi Saegusa

Assistant Professor

  (301) 405-4137
  MATH 4303

Research Interests:
Empirical Process Theory under Complex Sampling, General Semiparametric Models, Inference for High-Dimensional Data

Partha Lahiri


  (301) 314-5903
  1218 LeFrak Hall

Research Interests
Survey Sampling, Multi-level Modeling, Small-Area Estimation, Bayes and Empirical Bayes Inference, Resampling Methods

Benjamin Kedem

Professor (STAT Program Director)

  (301) 405-5112
  MATH 4411

Research Interests: Time Series, Spatial Statistics, Semiparametrics, Information Fusion

Jean D. Opsomer

Adjunct Professor

  MATH --

Research Interests: Non-parametric Statistics, Variance Estimation in Two-Phase Samplingo

Abram Kagan

Professor Emeritus

  (301) 405-5476
  MATH 2306

Research Interests: Inference in Parametric Models, Fisher's Information, Analytical Problems in Statistics, Foundations of Statistical Inference

Grace L. Yang

Professor Emerita

  (301) 405-5480
  MATH 4402

Research Interests: Asymptotic Theory in Statistics, Survival Analysis and Empirical Likelihoods Method