Additional Faculty

Doron Levy

Professor (Department Chair)

  (301) 405-5051
  MATH 1101

Research Interests: Biomedical applications of mathematics, cancer dynamics, drug resistance

Sandra Cerrai

Professor (Associate Chair for APT Affairs)

  (301) 405-5460
  MATH 2309

Research Interests: Different properties of systems with multiple scales, stochastic partial differential equations

Lenoid Koralov

Professor (Associate Chair for Graduate Studies)

  (301) 405-5144
  MATH 1104

Research Interests: Probability, Diffusion in the presence of cells with semi-permeable membranes

Mark I. Freidlin

Distinguished University Professor

  (301) 405-5143
  MATH 3308

Research Interests: Asymptotic Problems in Stochastic Processes and PDE's

Tom Haines


  (301) 405-5059
  MATH 2104

Research Interests: Shimura Varieties, Flag varieties and Grassmannians for groups and loop groups, Representations of p-adic groups, Langlands program

Dimitry Dolgopyat

Distinguished University Professor (Associate Chair for Course Staffing)

  (301) 405-5118
  MATH 4417

Research Interests: Ergodic Theory, Dynamical Systems, Nonlinearity, Annales Henri Poincare